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The mysterious stranger continues to invade the group's chats, challenging them about their faith.The online experience quickly moves to being "threatening" as the stranger attempts to touch base offline.The twisted logic of Watcher55 is well exposed and I really liked the ending, when Light and darkness meet.This is a good book for parents to read if they are uninformed of the down side of the Web.The plot moves along quickly and keeps your atttention.Some of the characters appear gullible at first especially Lori.

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The characters are intriguing and well-drawn, as they reveal themselves through a series of on-line-style chats.Give this to young Christians, who will respond to the redemptive themes in the story.John Green Copyright © American Library Association.Everything that Tricia Brock from Superchick says in the foreword is true!I found myself really caring about the characters, and the plot kept things moving briskly along.

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