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From this point on Brent spends much of series two trying to attempt to upstage him and prove himself to be the popular and respected boss at every point.

The staff arriving with Godwin during the company merger also quickly grow to disrespect and, to some extent, humiliate him.

These include writing poetry and lyrics, composing and playing music, being a rock star, managing his adoring team, dancing, and even dating and marriage.

Brent's desperation to outdo Neil in the eyes of his staff is shown perhaps most memorably with an infamous dance routine in episode five.

Recognizing the extent to which Neil is in most respects his superior and is so much more well liked by staff Brent quickly grows to despise and deeply resent him.

In Neil's first appearance he gives a short and well received welcoming speech to the new Slough team, followed by a disastrous and cringe worthy attempt by Brent to carry out a 'professional comedian' stand up routine.

Similarly, while wanting to be regarded by his staff as "A friend first, and a boss second, probably an entertainer third", he displays a chronic lack of awareness and regard for others' feelings.

In the first episode of the series, he brings Dawn to tears by joking that she is to be fired for stealing Post-it notes.

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