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They’re looking for that security and/or commitment and reach that point much sooner than men.

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As we get older and start to experience relationships for ourselves, we learn by trial and error. Oftentimes men and women have the greatest challenge because they don’t have any clarity on what they want in relationship. What I actually recommend to women is that they actually hold back a little bit, because women have a tendency to give 100 percent to his half. When we talk about traditional roles, I remember when I was dating and a woman said, “I’m a traditional woman,” I would get frustrated because I said, “I live in the 21 century.” What does that really mean?

Often times men might not communicate on an emotional level, and when women are used to talking to their girlfriends on an emotional level, they are not getting fed in that capacity.

They feel as though a man is not at the same place as they are.

If men tend to avoid emotional conversation, that might give the appearance that they fear commitment.

Let me just say this: Men who are happy in relationships tend to nest.

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