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Overpowered by grief, Shah Jahan resolved to immortalize the memory of his beloved wife by building the finest sepulchre ever built; which was to become a monument to eternal love.

The Taj Mahal is in fact an architectural complex and not just the one building.

The island was vital during the Second World War as the meterological reports it produced were essential for planning the movement of troops, submarines and ships.

The name given to the base has led some to believe it may have had another secret mission – with some specialists speculating that it might have been used for the pursuit of ancient relics.

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The Taj Mahal is one of the most splendid pieces of architecture in the world.

What’s certain is that the killer planned his crime carefully, gearing up as if he were a commando, or a bad guy in a movie, before invading the Century 16 movie theater in Aurora during a midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises.” The shooter wore a ballistic helmet, ballistic vest, ballistic leggings, a throat protector, a groin protector, gloves, a gas mask — all black.

It was built by the 5th Mogul emperor of India, Shah Jahan, as a mausoleum to his beloved wife Ar-ju-mand Banu Begum, a Muslim Persian princess better known by her other name, Mumtaz Mahal, which means, the Distinguished of the Palace.

The couple met in 1607, when he was 15, and he fell in love, although they weren't married until 1612 when she became his second wife.

The mausoleum stands on a raised platform (186 feet square) with its four corners truncated, forming an unequal octagon.

The mausoleum is constructed of brick and covered with white marble.

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