Wives wifes dating local

We met each other at the local mall and he was as his pictures.We sat down for coffee and he seemed like a pleasant, nice and educated gentleman.After that she said that she had thought about the whole thing and was ready to do it for me and my pleasure.I was overjoyed and could not believe what I was hearing.About a month before the anniversary, we were getting intimate and talking about fantasies and finally she asked me what my ultimate fantasy was.Initially I was a little nervous but when her lips were on my dick, I finally blurted out that my ultimate fantasy was to see her in bed with another man.If you want to know more about our details, please read the other 2 stories I have submitted and how I have opened up my shy wife to new sexual possibilities.

* It finally happened, after many years of fantasizing on my part and over the years slowly opening up my shy, conservative wife Hina, my ultimate fantasy has finally become fulfilled.In the start she said no, it was a once in a lifetime experience, however I became persistent and every once in a while I brought up the topic and told her that we should try something unique again this year.She would normally say ok we shall see but would not elaborate more.The first guy did not actually show up, which was a disappointment, but in hindsight probably better as I had a suspicion that it was a false lead.The second guy showed up on time at the exact spot I requested of him.

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