Why dna compromised radiometric dating

So evolution isn’t necessarily any more random than the person’s thoughts and it certainly cannot be some kind of force driving the random mutation. Mutation and natural selection are the engine of evolution.

Creationists believe in natural selection but we doubt the role mutations play in evolution and know if we can show that mutations cannot be part of the engine, then evolution will have lost its power.

Microevolution changes mainly occur through the practice of selective breeding.

There are no “mutations” in selective breeding or in genome adaptation to the environment.

But it is also a tautology or circular reasoning to say that “evolution causes random mutation” because evolutionists say random mutation causes evolution.

But to be correct, evolution is a philosophy that masquerades as a science .

Genetics and evolution have been enemies from the beginning.

Gregor Mendel and Charles Darwin were contemporaries.

Therefore we will now look at genetics and see if this is true.That was as far as the breeders were able to stretch the genome and they certainly didn’t create a potato from the sugar beet.Another instance of microevolution is the English peppered moth (Biston betularia).(This has since been proven to have 'staged' photographs of the moths 'glued' to tree trunks - so much for evolutionists objectivity) Other microevolution issues we look at are selective breeding in dogs, cats or cows for example. In fact evolutionists are experimenting with microevolution experiments to see if mutations, a cornerstone in their postulate, will really cause enough positive changes to move one species to another.For you evolutionists who read those and suffer apoplexy - JUST CHILL! Oh and they are not proof the rest is wrong either. According to the Oxford Dictionary science is "A branch of study which is concerned either with a connected body of demonstrated truths or with observed facts systematically classified and more or less colligated by being brought under general laws, and which includes trustworthy methods for the discovery of new truth within its own domain." When evolutionists become dogmatic in their speech as if evolution had been proven beyond any shadow of a doubt, they are talking about microevolution and they are bluffing because the lack real proof.Microevolution to the creationist is the limited variation that can be expressed by the genome of a “species’ or family of plants or animals.

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