Who was tyra banks dating

My son, as he gets older, he’s getting a lot more clingy so he wants to be held a lot more and be close to Mommy a lot more, so I have to do things fast …I want to teach him that he doesn’t need to go after chicks that are just cookie-cutter.The “America’s Next Top Model” creator revealed her initial reaction, and cleared up the confusion during an upcoming Nov.1 episode of “Steve Harvey.” “I’m watching ‘Ellen’ and I can’t believe it,” she recalled. And then social media, my Twitter, my Instagram…’Ohh, girl you went to Disneyland? ’ People are going crazy, and I’m just like, ‘it’s not fair.’ And Drake, I have words for you…I’m going to freestyle what I got to say to you, Mr.Tyra Banks Has Some Bizarre Predictions About the Future — Find out Here!

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"He's got my fingers and big eyes and his daddy Erik's mouth and chin.Tyra Banks Talks Work-Life Balance With Her Baby Son York!Tyra Banks Admits She's "Very Scared" of Fellow Supermodel Naomi Campbell!Not every celebrity can say he's gone on a date with Tyra Banks. During a September episode of “Ellen” the rapper admitted that he once went on a date with the 39-year-old supermodel to Disneyland.As expected, the chart-topper’s admission surprised many, including Banks, and left the question open as to whether or not the two were ever romantically involved.

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