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Lowering my hand slowly to her bare bottom I stroked her skin and my desire turned to lust, I was shocked by my actions yet seemed unable to stop myself as I stroked my way to her pussy.As my fingers traced the outline of her pussy lips then rubbed along her slit Jackie began wriggling on me again, I felt ashamed of myself nevertheless I continued to caress her soft, warm, moist pussy.

I had to admit that it amazed me that at eighteen my daughter still asked me for permission to go places, even stranger was the fact that she generally acceded to my decision.Possessed by the demon lust I played with my daughter's clit while my palm pressed along her slit, her juices making my skin damp as I forced them to flow, her squirms became tremors and I moved my fingers to her tight young hole. The feel of her pussy gripping my invading fingers and her juices wetting my skin made my excitement grow, I knew what I was doing and that it was wrong, but it was as though I was out of control, the more I did the more I wanted and I knew that unless Jackie managed to escape I would take her.Even as I finger-fucked my daughter I felt ashamed of my actions, but my lust, my desire, my hunger seemed to overwhelm me, to drive me on.The little minx was not wearing panties; the globes of her bottom and the pouting lips of her pussy lay open to my disbelieving eyes as I raised my hand.Jackie was abruptly still across my legs as I stared at her backside, my hand hovering in mid-air as my anger melted away to be replaced by something even worse, desire.

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