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He is a British nationality who was born in the 1986 in the month of November in Pembury where he came in contact with people who followed various ethnicity.He is twenty one for his age but his popularity seems that of a more mature one in the field of acting.But when I was about 16, my parents had just gotten divorced and my brother was rebelling; he’s two years older.In my mind, I was thinking “Well, everyone’s doing whatever they want to do.” So I sat my mom down and said, “I’m going to be a singer.” That was my rebellious phase; and then I moved to New York. Thankfully, I got into an amazing acting class with Anthony Abeson.Having been raised by parents who were artists themselves, Sam has leaning toward art from the very beginning.

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A guy who I used to work with in high school sent me a Facebook message.

I did all of season two, half of season three, and came back for four. It was full circle, because I had completely grieved my music career, and then my first big job was playing a singer. It is a family, because everyone has transplanted to Nashville — even me. Sam Palladio and Chris Carmack, who plays Will Lexington, have been rehearsing a lot of stuff together, because they’re going to start doing some gigs together. Folk rock, country, soul — so it is vague, but Jason Isbell is probably the most popular Americana artist right now. They are so good at turning a phrase, and saying something so profound in such a simple, beautiful way. "Filthy" has a really funny cast, and it’s a parody of Pretty Little Liars, Cruel Intentions; of the teen shows.

Chip Esten and Clare Bowen tour together a lot, and Chris joins them sometimes. The people who do Americana truly just do it for the love of music. It’s been kind of humbling for me to sit down and write with them. But it’s launching Fullscreen, which is a new digital platform. I hadto be completely out of control, because it’s an over-the-top comedy. I was in six of those, and I play the headmistress of the high school.

His girlfriend is great friends with Clare Bowen, and he had just overheard Clare saying that they were looking for a black actress who sings, for Nashville, and they were having a hard time finding the character.

So I copied and pasted the message to my agent at the time on Tuesday night, and on Wednesday morning, I get an e-mail, like, “Great, your wish is my command.

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