Who is nicole cordova dating

Aside from singing, she is also a trained ballet dancer and teacher for over ten years.

Cordova cites Jill Scott, Beyoncé and Christina Aguilera as musical influences.

In May 2012, the group's profile page on Universal Music Canada's website had been removed, consequently implying they had been dropped by their label.

However, the group's profile page on the Universal Music website is still up, Nichole Marie Cordova (born August 17, 1988) is from Houston, Texas, where she has been singing since the age of four.

After the departure of the girls, "Hate Love" was released as the fourth single from Rebuilt.

The song debuted on the Canadian Hot 100 at number 97 in the week of April 2, 2011.

The group won the award for "Most Watched Video" for "Like Me".In the week of April 30, 2011, the song reached its peak at number 59 while also reaching number 19 on the Canadian Top 40.On June 17, 2011, Cordova performed alongside Carmen Electra on the Pussycat Dolls Burlesque Revue Tour.It peaked as number 72 on the Canadian Hot 100 chart.The girls were featured on the Jersey Shore Soundtrack, with a song titled "Drank".

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