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"I want to be sure your tape recorder gets everything," he says, fiddling with some settings.It's a sunny January afternoon in Hidden Hills, California, a gated community where Drake owns a three-acre compound, 30 miles up the 101 from Los Angeles.

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"There are jokes because of , because I'm Canadian, because I make music for women.The suit is just the latest in a long history of Cash Money-related claims of missing dough, dating back to the early 1990s.Adding to the complication is the fact that Wayne claims Young Money itself has been cheated out of tens of millions of dollars over the years by its parent company.It was reported that Wayne, 31, had contracted the disease from a stripper.The Grammy award-winning rapper has now taken to Twitter to clear up the false claims, in a an expletive-filled tweet which was deleted shortly after being posted.

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