Who is ashley cole dating from the valleys

One tweeted: “Your meant to upgrade after Cheryl Cole not downgrade!

32-year-old Ashley claimed he had a mental breakdown after his divorce, but it seems he is back on track with his love life.

But behind the curtain, would-be pop star Lloyd Macey – dubbed on social media as The Voice of the Valleys – is battling an incurable, chronic disease.

The 23-year-old, who has reached the live finals of this year’s competition, has told of his dramatic six-year battle with Crohn’s, a condition that causes inflammation of the digestive system or gut.

Anna and Ashley met online via Twitter and have been dating for the past two weeks.

MTV reality star Anna was spotted with Ashley in London’s Chelsea Harbour before joining four others and going to a club at the luxurious May Fair Hotel.

The pair, both 32, were spotted at the weekend visiting a shisha bar in Knightsbridge before heading on to London’s posh May Fair Hotel.

“It would be a huge coup and it would be weird not to reference him now that they are dating.” As news of their romance broke fans hit the web to mock the star’s squeeze.In her interview for The Valleys she said: "We still have this stereotype of models being attractive but with no intelligence – I'm proof that's not true.He has already won the hearts of millions of X Factor viewers across Britain with his beaming smile and Welsh charm.She captioned the picture: ‘Lush night at #mayfairclub with ash #amazingclub.’ Ashley was married to Cheryl Cole for four years but divorced in 2010 following cheating allegations.Football star Ashley Cole is reported to have started dating a cast member of MTV's own The Valleys.

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