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As is well known, these routes are extremely arduous.The nomads suffer frequent accidents and losses of livestock when they clamber over snow-covered cols and through rock-encumbered gorges and when they either swim or float on rafts held up with inflated goatskins across the Kārūn and other raging rivers at the time of the snow-melt.

The lambs and kids are born in or around February in the and sold in the autumn after being fattened on highland pastures.) is one of the two biggest in Iran, the other being the Qašqāʾī.In the 1970s, the Baḵtīārīs numbered in all approximately 600,000, and about one third of them were nomadic.Despite all these difficulties, seasonal migration is necessary because of the prevalence of cold and snow in the from May to September, and often also the exhaustion of the pastures after several months of intensive use.Other possible ways to solve the problem have been suggested, for example to combine sheep folding with fodder crop cultivation and short-range transhumance; but for the time being, in the absence of any satisfactory alternative, nomadism remains the only feasible technique for efficient pursuit of livestock raising in this region. The tribe’s main economic activities are determined by the migration cycle.

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