What is meant by the phrase consolidating credit card debt

After the marriage, if the one spouse takes out a mortgage but claims to be single on the application, the other spouse is not liable for the debt.The creditor knowingly gave credit to the other spouse under the assumption that they were not married.Micah believes that he should be the person who primarily pays off his student loans.I’m not really sure how that works, since we combine our income but I suppose he doesn’t want me to feel responsible for them.Instead of having her husband pay it off for her (she was a SAHM and he could have), she got a part-time job to pay for it.

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It made me never want to combine our finances, which made me wonder whether I would want to combine other things as well.If financial infidelity was involved, it may help rebuild trust to have the “guilty” partner pay back the debt and demonstrate financial responsibility.But it may better fit a couple’s priorities for their family to pay off the debt from their total income.Even if your spouse doesn’t put your name on it, this almost always counts as a fresh debt (I can’t think of a situation where it wouldn’t).So it’s just like any debts they acquire after the marriage—you’re both responsible.

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