Warnings about online dating

Remember on The Office when Michael Scott drove into a lake because his GPS system told him to turn right?

Well, that's the sort of thing the creators of the products below are trying to prevent with their (unintentionally) hilarious warning labels.

Printed on everything from hairdryers to cheese, these common-sense precautions may help some folks avoid trouble, but for the rest of us, they're just good entertainment.

642 and 669 led to conversion of the Berbers to Islam.

Public Health England has also issued a health warning alert ahead of the cold snap.

Dr Thomas Waite, of PHE’s Extreme Events team, said: “As the weather is going to get colder everywhere in the coming days, this is a really good time to check on those who may be at risk.

Network Rail has said it will use a thermal-imaging helicopter and de-icing trains to keep tracks clear of ice and snow during peak commuting times.

When promising to do something, an Algerian Muslim says, Insha Allah (If God wills it).

Before any action, a religious Muslim will say Bismillah (In the name of God).

In 1954, the Algerians began a bloody war for independence that lasted almost a decade.

Nearly a million people were killed between 19, one-tenth of the Algerian population.

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