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Veteran that is rated top in cunning, like a good fighter Veteran told emir off Veteran, on Veteran's Day Veteran, perhaps Veterans Veterans Day mo.

Vet, of a sort Veteran Veteran accommodated by senior member of forces Veteran from left in party getting backed Veteran journalist ___ Ab Veteran officer in charge keeps unusual dope for local medication Veteran priest spins no.1 German gospel song Veteran sailor Veteran studio actress?

Very large star Very large-leaved shrub Very last moment Very last part Very legal to go topless Very light Very light brown Very light metal Very light rain Very like some fairies to cover shirt in soft fabric Very little Very little food served in a tureen — swindle Very little hurry Very little pressure to turn on the waterworks Very little time to transfer support Very little, in recipes Very long period Very long periods (US)Very long stretch Very long time Very long word and polite address to man Very long work Very long-winded answer Very loud Very loud arrangement of dire song about one who's looking for drugs Very loud sound Very loudly filling money boxes Very low number of workers Very low ratings Very luminous and very distant astronomical object Very many (2 wds.)Very many made advances in wings of party Very much Very much (2 wds.)Very much a lack of purpose Very much left to express anger, having the wherewithal Very much want European father to support daughter Very much welcomes large grant Very much what a fireplace outlet might offer on radio? Very poor, in a way Very poorly Very popular Very popular book Very powerful potion men concocted by end of experiment Very proper Very quick rotation meas.

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Vests etc Vesture Vesuvius action Vesuvius, for example Vet Vet (not mouse), removing tails with toxin ... Verse often beginning "Th Verse on a vase Verse oneself in Verse site Verse starter? Check out Frost, say Verse for children Verse form - Irish city Verse form everyone's instructed about Verse form invented by Ar Verse form used by Dante Verse from South Africa on resistance mostly Verse from Villon Verse in translation, initially extremely hard Verse initially reconciling him, you and me Verse lacking artistry Verse maker Verse makers Verse minister cut and cut again Verse mostly covering rise of Britain? Very recognizable Very religious Very religious old procurator of Judaea Very reverent Very rich man Very rough cider Very royal soldier possessing a good bum Very sad Very sad time with smoke going up Very scared person, perha Very scary Very scrawny Very sensitive Very serious Very severe, stern Very sharp corner Very short holiday Very short length of time Very short shorts Very short time Very short time needed to get dry Very short wait, in short Very silly Very simple, as a process Very skilled Very skilled persons Very skinny Very slim Very slim margin Very slow empty boat passes through river in York Very slow-burning, as a f Very slow-moving Very small Very small amount Very small beginnings of tash, if nobbut young Very small child Very small house in central London location Very small part - Christian festival Very small parts Very small pasta Very small quantities Very small role Very small serving Very small vehicle reversing by a cat, I see Very small, as a bikini i Very small, quiet nursing home Very small, yet newsy — seen about Very smart Very smooth Very smooth, swanky ride, say, as it's made over inside Very solid cattle yard Very soon Very soon after Very soon now Very soon on, outwardly tense Very sore Very sorry Very spread out Very steep Very steep prices put one off getting round in Very strong Very strong wind Very strong, but not in past or present, say Very stupid Very stupid behaviour Very stylish Very successful Very successful act allowed for some poetry Very successful but cheesy play? Very much, extremely Very narrow fit Very nasty sort Very nearly Very nervous Very new boy Very nice with run for leadership of Congress getting crazy Very noticeable Very odd Very old Very old act, nine involved Very old I. Very quickly Very quickly and willingly Very quietly cuts Lady Garden, perhaps, in shower Very rarely indeed Very rear Very recently Very recently delivered Very recently: Abbr.

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