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almost three hundred were caused by this error alone.

validating xml sax-30

These rejections include all of the direct failures, as well as the huge number of "false passes" on the negative tests ...Both the sample procedures and the sample XML and XSD documents were copied from the ' CREATE SAX-READER h Parser.RUN App Callbacks_Validate.p PERSISTENT SET h Callbacks.h Parser: HANDLER = h Callbacks.h Parser: SET-INPUT-SOURCE("FILE", "Invalid Cars.xml").h Parser: NONAMESPACE-SCHEMA-LOCATION = "Cars.xsd".h Parser: VALIDATION-ENABLED=TRUE.h Parser: SAX-PARSE-FIRST() NO-ERROR. DELETE PROCEDURE h Callbacks./* App Callbacks_Validate.p */DEFINE TEMP-TABLE Car NO-UNDO FIELD Car ID AS CHARACTER FORMAT "x(30)" LABEL "Car ID" FIELD Style AS CHARACTER FORMAT "x(30)" LABEL "Style" FIELD Ready AS CHARACTER FORMAT "x(4)" LABEL "Ready to testdrive? PROCEDURE Start Element: DEFINE INPUT PARAMETER pc Namespace URI AS CHARACTER NO-UNDO.The Open Source parsers are invariably non-validating.This table provides an alphabetical quick reference to the results of the analysis for non-validating processors: This processor is uniquely light weight; at about 33 KBytes of JAR file size (compressed, and including the SAX interfaces), it was designed for downloading in applets and explicitly traded off conformance for size.

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