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(2) Attendance and participation of members in its regular and special meetings.

(d) Rules.--The board shall establish rules on all of the following: (1) Duties of officers under subsection (c).

(ii) In special session: (A) as convened by the chair; or (B) upon written notice signed by a majority of the members.

Unless otherwise noted, Part II was added July 2, 1980, P. This function may, by majority vote of the entire board membership, be delegated by the board to a specified officer or committee of the land bank. (3) A resolution under section 2114 (relating to dissolution of land bank) must be approved by two-thirds of the entire board membership. (5) A member may request a recorded vote on any resolution or action of the land bank.

(4) To borrow from Federal Government funds, from the Commonwealth, from private lenders or from municipalities, as necessary, for the operation and work of the land bank.

(3) To adopt a seal and to alter the same at pleasure.

The agreement must specify the membership, if any, of the school district on the board of the land bank and the actions of the land bank which are subject to approval by the school district.

(e) Participation by school district.--A school district may participate in a land bank pursuant to an intergovernmental cooperation agreement.

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