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I'm not sure if he actually found a paper jam OR if he determined that from the error message codes.I have looked back to see that there were many 'paper jam' alerts prior to the original failure message.Shaun That's correct we have a 'bogus' email address as the from email address, but we do have to specify our domain in SMTP server settings, along with the SMTP server address, and port 25.I just do not understand how a name gets 'blocked', and where it would be blocked. on the same internal network as the printer or somewhere else?I assumed that the users were clearing a paper jam and continuing to work.After polling them today, no one remembers a paper jam message.

Shaun In the SMTP Virtual Server Properties - Authenticated Users have 'Submit Permission' set to Allow- no user has 'Relay Permission', however Anonymous access is also checked.That means the typical SMTP server does not distinguish between a copier or user sending mail and another server sending it mail to one of its own domains.If the domain to which the email is addressed is actually hosted is on that SMTP server then it must accept it in the same way it must accept a message delivered to it from another mail server for that domain.The scan to email stopped functioning again today, and after turning the printer off and back on, it started working again.Additionally, I received an alert from this machine earlier this morning that there was a paper jam, even though there was not.

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