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In other areas, council members proved willing to compromise.In a nod to recent complaints from residents, the council voted 8-1, with Vice Mayor Liz Kniss dissenting, to reinsert into the plan's introduction chapter language about neighborhood protection that was previously struck.The traditional measure that is used in environmental analyses -- known as "level of service" (LOS) -- focuses on traffic delays at major intersections and road segments.

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Holman called the proposed mitigations insufficient and proposed that staff return in two or three weeks with additional ones. "When it comes to being a trustee of this city and being elected by residents and folks who live here in Palo Alto, the unavoidable, significant impacts have to have some bearing on decisions," Kou said.Scharff's proposal went ahead by a 5-3 vote, with Holman, Kou and Du Bois dissenting (Tanaka temporarily left the room during the vote).Those who opposed preferred a different set of measures Dubois proposed that included parking impacts from commercial areas on neighborhoods, the "solo occupant vehicle" rate in employment areas, urban tree canopy, parks acreage per resident and the number of unoccupied homes.Councilman Adrian Fine noted that work on that plan began in 1990, when he was 4 years old, and suggested that it's no longer a relevant vehicle for advancing the goals of the city.He encouraged his colleagues to support the update.

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