Updating rma

This allows RMA to make periodic updates to the factors to better reflect any changes in pre-planting costs.

The prevented planting coverage factors will be reviewed and updated for all crops with prevented planting coverage.

A: Prevented planting coverage factors are designed to provide protection based on pre-planting costs generally incurred up to the point of planting the crop.

Fixed and variable costs, established from available national and state crop budgets, are compared to average insurance guarantees to establish prevented planting coverage factors.

These changes are part of an effort to ensure that prevented planting coverage factors most accurately reflect the pre-planting input costs of producers.

The second set is comprised of buckwheat, canola, dry peas, flax, hybrid seed corn, hybrid sorghum seed, mustard, oats, peanuts, rye, silage sorghum, sunflower, with changes effective fall 2017.Once this process is complete, the RMA will be created for the product to be returned.You can view the RMA’s basic information within the RMA section of the order details page.The methodology for establishing the factors is consistent for all commodities. On occasion, you may need to process returned items.

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