Updating punkbuster with pbsetup

But I did also follow the guidlines given at this website before i found this helpful tip! Stated reason: Punk Buster kicked player 'Fred_vdp' (for 0 minutes) ...

This PB Server Requires (A1386 C2.331) - Error loading pbcl I guess a reinstall would add the file that it wasn't able to load.

Restart your PC5.install/re-install punkbuster service and run test service6. look in your router/modem manual how to do Port Forwardingor call your ISP (to see if they are open)or with PFConfig it is very easily. C:\Program Files\Origin Games\Battlefield 3\pbsvc try run testpress copypaste text here ta .worth a try!

Maybe those who say it didn't work should add the exact error message.

I will confirm whether this fix worked for me later today.

Click the "Add a Game" button to bring up the game selection screen. In most cases, PBSetup will then auto-detect the path to the appropriate PB folder.

If not, use the browse button to tell PBSetup where the game is installed on the computer.

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