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I take pride in reviewing only products that fit my brand and will be beneficial to my readers.And while this post is sponsored or contains affiliate links, all the opinions are my own. It will help me keep this DIY’ing Mama crafting for another day! At first I was tempted to grab a Christmas garland.

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The two wreaths completely filled in the gaps between the spindly artificial tree branches.

At the time, it didn’t matter how bare the artificial tree branches were or how few lights there were on the twinkling. This fake Christmas tree has made it through many Christmases and several moves. Notice how only the bottom half lights are working? After 20 minutes of fluffing each branch, the Christmas tree looks a little better but you can still see right through it.

There are gaps between all of the spindly branches.

It’s clear that this year is going to be a banner year for the toy industry.

So many great brands have cool new toys out or on the way very soon, and that is enough to excite kids and parents alike for the upcoming Christmas shopping season.

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    The Darke County Parks Nature Center located at Shawnee Prairie Preserve just west of Greenville will be closed December 25th and January 1st for Christmas and New Year’s Day observances. An Evening of Lessons, Carols and Special Music with Nursery Provided - John Person, Pastor - Cable Channel 5 @ p.m. Our speaker for December is Katie Deland and her bio is below.

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