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Nia, thanks for being one of the ladies who come forward and sharing your thoughts. The figure positions are just great, and so is the tension in the ropes carrying through to her body: it makes your joints sore just to look at it, and she's in too much pain to even lift her head to try and see what the torturer is preparing for her next.

Joanna 3572 wrote: @bleumune: It's new to me too; it's Poser or Daz, but it has a sort of painted quality to it.

Seven naked sexy gimps need to be rescued from this burning haunted house immediately or their buns are toast. They must be having a good time since it's obvious they are now burning the midnight oil." Bill K. --------------------------------- Esso and Fritz: Thanks guys, for the updated information on the Men's Magazine covers.

Mark Evans wrote (in Post 3921): Watching these again makes me realize how much better they could have been if I had the time. Those covers have stood the test of time because despite the complete lack of nudity, they're just as enticing today as they were when they were originally published. You'd think they would try to make the stories longer if that were the case.

First is that there hasn't been a whole lot of interest when I did post them, and second, they're pretty severe, which isn't to everyone's taste.

JD 3577 wrote: Seriously now, it's a Miki 4 in Poser 2014, with all the props done in Wings3D and the textures from the greatest site with free textures,

Yowch, they're not cheap...73 bucks for a used copy of "It's a Man's World"? Updating the Men's Adventure Magazine Stories section has been a collaborative effort; Sloth and Covers have supplied the inside scans, I do the actual stories myself, and Fritz does the toughest part, digitally removing the crease from the 2 halves of the inside artwork to make it a complete picture for the first time, something that even the readers in the 1960s and 70s never had.

Whether you guys read the stories or not (and some are actually pretty good) the inside artworks are always worth clicking on.

When dealing with female vampires, Hunter Bob preferred an alternative route to stake the heart." Attention all Gimpers and firemen. Katie, Michelle, Penelope, Ann, Alison, Sara, and Jenni all thought so. Dude, if you can do work like this, it's worth it to take some time; I can't imagine it being much better than it is now.

Part of it is that I never seemed to make it up the learning curve after working with DAZ3D for most of a year, and the other thing is that I suffered a computer crash that required a complete reinstallation of Windows 7.

I saved all my hard drive details, but, when I tried to re-install DAZ3D, it could never find all the various pieces needed to rebuild the scenes I worked on.

My fetishes are weirder than 90% of the people here. fantastic comic series...really look forward to each day's posting Ralphus.

Of course, both of the Amazons should be stripped, but I guess one can't have everything!

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