Updating kitchen cabinet doors

It looks just like real glass and the best part is, I could cut it myself!

I found a 30″ X 36″sheet of it at Home Depot for . I also purchased clear silicone for plastic (), and a plexiglass cutting tool for .

The first thing I had to get the nerve up to do was cut out the center raised panel of my cabinet doors.

For this step I used the following tools: First I taped off the area to be cut. Then I used a drill and a small drill bit to drill a hole in the corner.

You can also see the trim that’s on the back side through the glass.

(That’s why it is important to paint the sides.): Can you tell it’s plexiglass? The back side got a touch up with some caulk too to fill in the very tiny seam that was there: I love how the trim on both sides completely hides the raw edge that was left by the jig saw.

), so when I asked her to give me a rough idea, she said, “It shouldn’t be more than .” Gulp! This will work whether you choose to use real glass or plexiglass.Then stick around and let’s see what else we can get ourselves into!Your kitchen cabinet doors are the most important part of your kitchen cabinets. A lot of kitchen remodeling can be done by simply resurfacing your kitchen cabinet doors.Use your screwdriver to remove the cabinet doors from the cabinet face.While the door is off, also remove all the hardware such as pulls, handles and such.

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