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Health Transformers in Start Up Health Moonshot Academy are instantly connected to a global peer network of the world’s most passionate entrepreneurs and experts.The following is a brief overview of diseases that are known to occur with some frequency in the Bichon Frise.The remainder of the conditions listed above MAY occur in about 10 - 15 per cent as inherited illness.All these diseases can be treated and life prolonged with correct treatment. Unfortunately some carelessly bred Bichons end up with multiple inherited diseases which cause them numerous health issues throughout their lives. has been acknowledged in the past as being in the forefront of dog clubs having an eye on disease and its ramifications and in distributing information on the diseases most frequently seen in the breed.The remaining five conditions may have changed position in ranking but all remain relatively infrequent and some may be signs of temporary upsets rather than diseases.

The BFCA site still exists and continues to offer general information and training guidance.All Health Transformers Start Up Health has the world’s largest portfolio of digital health companies and plans to invest at least a billion dollars to support them.The only way to receive investment from Start Up Health is to be active in Start Up Health Moonshot Academy and contribute to the Health Transformer community.To see ten diseases listed may be alarming to the pet owner, especially one who has recently acquired a Bichon or anticipates acquiring one.The diseases listed as the top five continue to be in that order of frequency.

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