Updating database vb

The code handles two modes, automatic updates and manual update checks.

In the automatic case, the webquery is added to the addin, but is refreshed asynchronously.

When the distribution is built, an earlier version of MDAC (version 2.5) is used (unless MDAC 2.6 is downloaded), causing an error 438 to be thrown when the distributed program is run.

Another scenario would be misspelled method or property names, and this scenario is described in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article: This may be as simple as adding a reference for the Active X data Access Object that the older Access database would have used created.

Very strange since both both tables come from the same source!

When you're offering an add-in through your website you usually have no connection to the people who are using your programming work.

This little article shows a way to include that functionality with your add-in.

At a later time, additional functionality is to be added to the DLL component.

This is what seems relevant to me, especially since the access database I'm migrating from is '97 and I'm using excel 2003.

Bit of a mystery still thought the problem lies around that: I can use the select table method and update each field individually on one table converted to worksheet but have to use the direct update statement for each field on another worksheet otherwise it won't work.

For instance if you are now using Excel 2003 as a database with ADO2.8 library and the Access records were created using ADO2.4 (as an example).

The differences within the newer library may not be supported.

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