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Any changes made to the datagridview can be updated to the data source. Please refers to my previous post on how to load MS Access data table to Data Grid View. Message) End Try End Sub The code above will load the table Tbl_DHCollar to Data Grid View 1 during the form load.

For a complex aspx page we need to add more than one Update Panel section as well as need to keep some more server side controls outside the Update Panels.

From the basic, we knew that if we click a button inside an Update Panel then only this Update Panel portion updated without refreshing the whole page.

Now let’s say an aspx page has two Update Panels and we want to update only a specific Update Panel from a Button out side the Update Panels.

For example if user add new record via the data grid view, or delete a record, it will also delete or add record to the origin database. So I don’t have to redefine the Ole Db connection again here. Private Sub btn_Save_Click(sender As Object, e As Event Args) Handles btn_Save.

The flow First, we need to fill the data grid view with the data from our source, such as MS Access database. Public str SQL As String Public My Adapter As Ole Db. Click 'Save changes to datagridview Try My Adapter.

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