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Brace yourself today my lovelies, because my post today is a RANT.

Here’s what happened to my reader: “I recently stopped at a big box store to pick up some info about kitchen countertops.

They were trying to decide on the floor tile and the wife remarked that she liked the striated one best but she felt it didn’t match in color (she was right).

The “kitchen designer” said:“The other pieces match; the floor tile doesn’t have to match”.

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There’s really nothing out there now that you can’t find within seconds. Then if you don’t love it, go back to Rule #1Decor Pad Notice that both the floor tile and the surround tile in this shower are basically identical.

The reason why most bathrooms and kitchens are a HOT MESS, is because the homeowner or designer most certainly did BREAK THE RULES.

No one needs to read a blog post for that kind of useless advice.

Which is why it works (just like the first image in this post).

Before you go ahead and install marble that looks like this, make sure you are okay with the overall business of the pattern.

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