Travel companion dating

None of them fooled me because if you have any common sense at all, they're pretty easy to spot.

Another asked me for an Amazon card a day after we exchanged a few msgs, so she could add time to her phone to call me....seriously, I was laughing out loud.

So since they are so easy to spot but are so plentiful I can't imagine they are actually trying to do anything about it, more likely they are site sponsored as many here have suggested.

The best part is on the page where you can report people there is a warning that YOU might get banned for reporting too many people.

At its inception, this site may have attracted a fairly quality following, it's interactive Spam. I joined a few months ago and so far haven't travelled anywhere.

The types of guys you'll most likely encounter on here : 1- He favourites you but never speaks 2- He asks random questions about your dream destinations then goes quiet 3-He messages you last minute expecting you to join him somewhere - as if I'd be crazy enough to join some stranger who I haven't even chatted with-_- 4-He asks for your number then asks you to send more pics of yourself ( even though I have 5 up on the site) or even worse he asks for nudes 5- He says he wants to go on a date or just says hi then goes quiet This has been my experience on here it seems most of the members are either fake, unable to afford to take a lady on luxurious trips (splenda) or just looking for a prostitute.

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    Yet, to really see the rewards of this, it is important to remember two things: you musn't compare (try not to think about how someone new is similar to your previous partner) and you musn't contrast (likewise, try not to focus on how the person you are dating is different to your ex.) The danger with comparing and contrasting is that anyone new will be measured according to an unachievable ideal.

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