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Please see below for a brief introduction to the Metaphysics of Space and Motion and the Wave Structure of Matter.

We greatly appreciate any comments on how we can improve this website and its content. Geoff Haselhurst, Karene Howie, Email Introduction - Timothy Leary / Psychedelic Drugs - The Psychedelic Experience / Tibetan Book of the Dead - Drug Quotes / Abuse of Drugs, Prohibition, Government - Addiction Quotations - Strange Fruit / Magick & Drugs - Re-Unification of Sacred & Natural / Ralph Metzner - Drugs / Drug Abuse Addiction Links - Top of Page There are two common themes that I find interesting when reading on Psychedelic drug use (e.g.

Thus, while drugs such as nicotine, alcohol and heroin produce different effects in the user, they all use a single pathway in the brain and cause a rise in the level of neurotransmitters.

The catch is that by artificially changing the chemical balance in the brain, drug abusers unknowingly create long term changes.

With the strong nature of Addiction, in that the desire for drugs is greater than the individual's will to overcome the addiction, drug addiction requires external force (removal of drugs, change of environment) such that the person (in the short term) is prevented from drug use.

This webpage is written as a way of helping others - I have experienced the destructiveness of drug addiction and see the prevalence of drug use (abuse) in our modern society.

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Drugs have obviously been used throughout human history, the concern now is the prevalence, potency and diversity of designer drugs, the health effects of long term use and government legislation.

(Margaret O'Rourke, The Weekend Australian, Weekend Health, November 29-30, 2003) As this article suggests, we have evolved to become addicted to certain things which enhance our survival and spread our genes, such as food, work and sex.

Our modern day western society offers us many things and sensations we may get addicted to which are not good for us.

LSD) - the sense of Oneness, that all is interconnected, and the breaking down of the 'naive real' sense of solid matter to be replaced by an awareness of the Wave Structure of Matter and energy flow.

One of the great problems faced by understanding Reality is that we do not actually see the 'real world' but our mind's representation of the world (the naive real).

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