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Eight years later, I still think about her often and will never be able to repay her the way I would wish. Lalonde's class, I was quiet, tried not to ask questions, and just plain tried to stay out of his way.

He may seem harsh or mean sometimes, but he taught me how to stand up and speak for myself.

A man describes a compassionate adult education teacher who helps him overcome his fears.

A mother describes a positive educational experience her son received, thanks to many good teachers.

And given the nature of our brains, there's one thing that people in every culture and throughout history have instinctually done: we've used metaphors and analogies to understand and relate to that which is unavoidably, undeniably real and/or mysterious. ALL images and concepts of God are more or less meaningful interpretations and personifications.

She is the one who inspired me to become a teacher. Mc Apline helped my daughter to overcome her fear to interact in English, and kept communicating with the mainstream classroom teacher in order to help her understand my daughter's learning process as an ESOL student. My son is learning to read and LOVES going to school.

– Miss Ishimaru makes learning fun by incorporating a lot of rhyming and singing when teaching the children their letters and sounds.

She plays games with them to teach them math and science.

She has taken my son from being a non-reader to someone who is now reading, and truly enjoying it! If ever I drop in to ask how my son is doing she never makes me feel as though I am being a bother.

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