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Various studies have suggested that severe child sexual abuse may have a deleterious effect on brain development. (1998) found "reversed hemispheric asymmetry and greater left hemisphere coherence in abused subjects;" Teicher et al.

(1993) found that child sexual abuse was associated with a reduced corpus callosum area; various studies have found an association of reduced volume of the left hippocampus with child sexual abuse; used the "Limbic System Checklist-33" to measure ictal temporal lobe epilepsy-like symptoms in 253 adults.

It has been commonly assumed that focusing on children’s issues too long will negatively impact their recovery.Reports of child sexual abuse were associated with a 49% increase to LSCL-33 scores, 11% higher than the associated increase of self-reported physical abuse. (2006) found that the self-reported math Scholastic Aptitude Test scores of their sample of women with a history of repeated child sexual abuse were significantly lower than the self-reported math SAT scores of their non-abused sample.Reports of both physical and sexual abuse were associated with a 113% increase. Because the abused subjects' verbal SAT scores were high, they hypothesized that the low math SAT scores could "stem from a defect in hemispheric integration." They also found a strong association between short-term memory impairments for all categories tested (verbal, visual, and global) and the duration of the abuse.Chat Planet is absolutely free and registration is not required.Click a province/state within Thailand from the list below or scroll to the left to pick a chat room directly.

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