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A confident woman can be beautiful, strong, determined and everything else rolled up into one, just as long as she makes up her mind.#3 A woman who can take control Men love it when they’re the “man” in the relationship.Men like it when a woman tells her man to sit back while she make all the decisions.Believing in each other’s capabilities is important.Wear clothes that look good on you, and make an effort to look your best when you’re with him.You could be fat or skinny, but as long as you put in an effort, you’ve got all the makings of a movie star, gorgeous!A confident woman is awe inspiring and to a certain extent, intimidating.If there’s anything that men want in a woman, this is it.

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Most women assume that great looks is all that matters to make a guy swoon and fall head over heels in love.She's usually very tomboyish, but because she is brought in for fanservice, she usually looks exceptionally feminine and well-kempt, she's confrontational, and self-aware of her gender, with the need to mention it more often than she should.Also common is for this character to have high skill in games, or at least higher than the misogynistic male characters, so she can promptly destroy them.To counter the assumption that Most Gamers Are Male, stories involving games have a tendency to incorporate at least one female character that is into the same sort of games as the male characters.Going beyond just Token Minority, this character type has her own genetics that tend to show up more often than not.

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