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It is near the city of Thessaloniki, Greece's second largest city, which has been beneficial for Katerini's development over recent years.

Katerini is accessible from the main Thessaloniki–Athens highway GR-1/E75 (with two interchanges near the city) and the Egnatia Odos to the north.

The beaches of Korinos, Paralia and Olympiaki Akti (or Katerinoskala) are visited by both Greek and international tourists during the summer.

The base of Mount Olympus and the town of Litochoro, are at a distance of around 20 kilometres from the centre of Katerini. The modern city was probably founded during Ottoman rule, but already from the 13th century, travellers as well as maps record the existence of a settlement called Hatera (Ἅτηρα), which may have been the origin of the modern name.

Shakhla Bochkaryova, 41, from a small town near Surgut in Russia, told An intelligent girl who always took pride in her appearance, Fatima had just started studying at university when her Ms Bochkaryova – who comes from a Muslim family – noticed her changing.

Three months into her studies, she stopped speaking to her mother, started covering her head and looked unwell and, in December 2013, Fatima told her mother that she was becoming interested in Islam.

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Katerini is a popular tourist destination, that attracts tourist both from Greece and abroad.Dried Nuts are also very popular in the region and consumers are accustomed to eating them as a healthy snack.Some of the earliest Greek manufacturers emerged from this region.) is a city in Central Macedonia, Greece, the capital of Pieria regional unit. Olympus and the Thermaikos Gulf, at an altitude of 14 m.The city, which is one of the newest in Greece, has a population of 85,851 (according to the 2014 census).

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