Subversion checksum mismatch while updating

You use full paths in the URLs, which also means you can use access other repositories on the host, as permissions allow.

Many commands take sensible defaults depending on the directory that you are in, saving a lot of typing: updates the current directory (and subdirs) to HEAD, unless you give it a specific directory or even single file to work on, and/or you give it a specific old revision to update to.This can be handy when you want to move, merge, or back up repositories, or perhaps to create a new repository with only recent useful, letting you load the dump into its own directory, meaning you can organize later.It does expect the mentioned directory to exist, so you'll need to go into a working copy, create and commit it.(Or you'll get a File not found error) , for example diff-ing specific versions, checking out an old versions, and so on.

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