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And in any particular situation, Elon can see things 12 moves ahead." His children soon leave for the home of their mother, Musk's ex-wife Justine.

Kids on all the terraformed planets of the universe will look forward to Musk Day, when they get the day off to commemorate the birth of the Earthling who single-handedly ushered in the era of space colonization. Others include converting automobiles, households and as much industry as possible from fossil fuels to sustainable energy; implementing a new form of high-speed city-to-city transportation via vacuum tube; relieving traffic congestion with a honeycomb of underground tunnels fitted with electric skates for cars and commuters; creating a mind-computer interface to enhance human health and brainpower; and saving humanity from the future threat of an artificial intelligence that may one day run amok and decide, quite rationally, to eliminate the irrational human species.

It's mid-afternoon on a Friday at Space X headquarters in Hawthorne, California, and three of Elon Musk's children are gathered around him – one of his triplets, both of his twins.

Musk is wearing a gray T-shirt and sitting in a swivel chair at his desk, which is not in a private office behind a closed door, but in an accessible corner cubicle festooned with outer-space novelty items, photos of his rockets, and mementos from Tesla and his other companies.

He's an engineer, inventor and, as he puts it, "technologist." And as a naturally gifted engineer, he's able to find the design inefficiencies, flaws and complete oversights in the tools that power our civilization."He's able to see things more clearly in a way that no one else I know of can understand," says his brother, Kimbal.

He discusses his brother's love of chess in their earlier years, and adds, "There's a thing in chess where you can see 12 moves ahead if you're a grandmaster.

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