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namesti Republiky, 5 Arch: Antonin BALSANEK, Osvald POLIVKA, 1903-1905 Mosaic: Karel Spillar Sculptor: Franta Uprka, Josef Maratka Inside: CHOCHOL, Balsanek, Saloun, Preisler, Alphons MUCHA, POLIVKA,..

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The attention that AN architects paid to every detail is used efficiently for a luxury and comfort purpose.

(See on the left the picture of a grave in the Slavin) Hybernska ulice, 10 Ohmann (1899-1902), with Bedrich Bendelmayer, Alois Dryak "Hotel Central" is one of the first AN building in Prague. The lamps, the font used for the hotel name, every detail have been designed by the architect as a total work of Art.

It is traditionally built with plastered bricks and stuccos. Today, the hotel is closed, the ground floor is devastated, the brick is bear and giant placards have been put over the windows.

The main architects are Ohmann (1858-1927), Bendelmeyer (1872-1932) and Kotera (1871-1923).

The fate of Mucha (1860-1939), alike Czech, is indissociable of his meeting with Sarah Bernhard in Paris at the turn of the century, but after some time in the United States, he went back to Prague in 1913 and then he participated to the decoration of several buildings.

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