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Despite training courses, films, circulars and pamphlets, the vehicle gained a reputation as being unstable, and efforts were made to "design out" the handling problems.

At one stage, a MUTT was modified by having a rigid rear axle fitted (as per the wartime MB/GPW) but the experiment proved unsuccessful.

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Essentially it was similar to the wartime MB-T / Bantam, and the Korean-War era M100 trailers, the notable differences being the shape of the mudguards (angular) and the wheels (same as the M151-series).

In the early 1970's, an updated trailer, featuring hydraulic overrun brakes, was introduced and was designated the M416A1.

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Despite the US Military's stance, other countries who had bought the M151-series disposed of their surplus vehicles without demilitarization clauses.

I have just over 1,000 legal miles on my 73 TCS since finishing her up.

I added a MSD Ignition unit to help control detonation under boost.

Even the fitting of Rollover Protection Kits (ROPS) to many trucks could not stave off the inevitable.

The vehicle ceased production in 1982, when the advent of the "HUMMER"-series ended the MUTT era.

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