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I hold a degree and Tefl and have 6 years experience teaching and tutoring all ages.John works diligently to assist students to continuously improve their English grades; he is an enthusiastic, lively and humorous English teacher.I am originally from the UK, an area in the South West called Devon.I am well educated and pride myself on my pronunciation and teaching ability.The advantage of a private tutor but the facilities of a language centre!I am an experienced, full time English tutor with 11 years teaching experience, teaching students from around the world.Bronwyn is currently giving English lessons to both high school students and adults, helping them improve their spoken and written English.Some of her students had very limited exposure to English prior to their first meeting, but have made consistent and significant progress; more importantly, they are more confident and feel more comfortable engaging in conversations in English.

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He works with clients who need to write in grammatically correct English in their jobs/in their businesses. With all students, he strives to build a respect and love for words, and especially to build a strong desire to enlarge their English vocabularies, & to improve their fluency in English.

I have over 8 years of tutoring experience, focusing on enhancing my student's interest in English, as well as oral and writing skills.

Under my guidance, my past students have won numerous speech festival awards, and have thoroughly enjoyed learning English.

He works hard to achieve the intellectual growth of each student.

He motivates students so that their English learning becomes an enjoyable part of lives.

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