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Considering the deep integration between Skype for Business and Outlook, Sharepoint Online, Yammer and Microsoft Teams, it seems like a no-brainer to embrace this way of communicating.

Six years in, has Microsoft's purchase of Skype revolutionised business communications? Indeed, some of what Microsoft is doing to Skype is actually throwing hurdles in the way of adoption.

Access your Skype for Business contacts via Office 365 in your browser (finding the Skype icon above Mail or People) and the directory search will find new contacts by their Microsoft account address, but never by their Skype name.

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In Skype for Business, you'll be staring at a new blank chat window.

It's rare to find organisations that use all of the Office 365 products that they are licensed for and Microsoft knows it.

Redmond is so focused on having you use the full product set that, in addition to the inbuilt Office 365 usage reports, it's released a public preview of the Power BI content pack for Office 365 adoption.

For existing Skype users, it offered to "upgrade" your Skype name to a Microsoft account by simply adding your email address. Now, new users of the consumer platform must create or use a Microsoft account.

Skype for Business is inconsistent in how it handles non-upgraded, standalone Skype accounts.

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