Shahid kapoor and amrita rao dating

The Shahid-Kareena split has been constantly fuelled by strong rumours of Kareena’s closeness to Saif .However now there seems to be another twist to this break-up, it seems that Shahid’s co-star of a few films Amrita Rao has been a bone of contention in the couple’s relationship for some time now.However, the couple had dependably denied their issue at whatever point addressed about their relationship status.Exactly when we thought the two were seeing each other, reports of them separating began doing the rounds.Amid the shooting of Fida in 2004, he started dating Kareena Kapoor and they both openly talked about the relationship.The couple isolated in 2007 amid the shooting of Jab We Met.How can I forget that my last film from Soorajji (Barjatya) was with Shahid.

Shahid Kapur began his career opposite co-star Amrita Rao and the couple’s on-screen chemistry was said to be quite good.But tell Rao that buzz has it that he apparently replaced her with another actor in one of his upcoming films and she says that it is not the case. I have never bothered to react to rumours and never will,” says Rao.Quiz Rao as to how she manages to stay scandal free, for most of the time and she laughs, “Oh! It’s true that there aren’t any nasty rumours floating around about me these days. Besides, I think that I am too young to talk about marriage and too old to have crushes anymore!Shahid Kapoor is so cute and is pretty much the most eligible bachelor around, so it’s no wonder he has been linked to almost all his co-stars. Shahid and Kareena were Bollywood royalty when they announced their relationship. I don’t need to elaborate on how wonderful they look together, you just have to rewatch this adorable video they were a part of. What happens when two of the hottest, fittest and sexiest actors live in the same building? Love thy neighbour was taken quite literally by Shahid and Priyanka Chopra, and they became one of the hottest couples of Bollywood in no time. (On a side note, anyone who knows Rashmi Daryanani from Team Miss Malini knows that there’s no one in this office who loves Shahid as much as she does. Shahid, please make this happen.)What do you think? Drop in your comments below and share it with your friends who love Shahid!Barring Kareena Kapoor, Shahid hasn’t really acknowledged any of his relationships in public so we don’t really know what’s true and what’s false. Anyone who has seen that movie (in a theater no less) will not like them together. It’s another matter that Kareena got married into real royalty and, as per rumours, left Shahid with a broken heart. But we do know that Kareena looks amazing with Saif Ali Khan and Shahid looks the best with…will know soon! If rumours are to be believed, Sonakshi refused to shoot her episode with anyone but Shahid (aww) but this relationship fizzled out after a while. Even after their break-up, whenever they’re seen together, you can literally feel the cackling chemistry emit through your TV and computer screens!

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