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The competition for “likes” encourages creativity in young users, who can use filters and other devices to spruce up their images. — comforts parents haunted by the cyberbullying they hear about on Facebook and Twitter.

But Instagram’s simplicity is also deceiving: look more closely, and you find the Rosetta Stone of girl angst: a way for tweens and teens to find out what their peers really think of them (Was that comment about my dress a joke or did she mean it?

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Make usual conversation and reply to her messages which will make her happy.

During this conversation you can also find if she unlike any of your activities and change it for her, this will surely impress her.

If you know she is fascinated in spending time with you then as her to come out with you for a date.

The photo-sharing app is social media’s current queen bee: In a survey released earlier this month, three quarters of teens said they were using Instagram as their go-to app.

Instagram lets users share their photos, and “like” and comment on their friends’.

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