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Its capacity to capture moisture and wetness puts it right aside more obscure gems like MPG original Route du Vétiver, it's hard to pin down weirdness, makes it a direct precursor of some of Comme's Synthetic Series or Odeurs - can't believe that as a mainstream release this has survived all these years. It's a joke of a fragrance and a completely different one. In memoriam Kenzo Pour Homme (1991) It was fantastic, a real legend, one of the most unique fragrance. Much respect for this fragrance for being different, my disappointment is my own fault. As an avid fragrance collector thought I needed to sample this juice as people rave about it! And what a nightmare it is to describe, which shouldn't be surprising given its lengthy and diverse list of notes.

The current version takes me back to the original - surprisingly so, wonder that is has not been utterly shredded with all the flankers and general annual confusion Kenzo perfumes propelled them into over the years - aside the short lived exception Kenzo Air. What I wasn't expecting was the cheap synthetic smell that's not too dissimilar to window cleaning fluid, it lacked depth and was piercing on the nose, I actually felt embarrassed to be wearing it. First let's tackle the aforementioned aquatic nature of Kenzo ph.

Shutters most niche releases in bits and deserves the highest recommendation. 8.5/10 Fragrance -Kenzo pour Homme Bottle from - 2015 This is a beautiful example of something extraordinary that surprises you because you had almost forgotten about it. Kenzo pour Homme is a classic scent,but I don't think it's outdated. I'm generally not well rehearsed with aquatics but I get it! This is the Napali Coastline in my vaguest memories. Picked up a 50ml bottle online after trying it out at Hobby Airport. A warm weather scent that's good for most occasions except date night. "Masculine", more youthful; I wouldn't mind smelling this on a lady. Hot wind blows off the gulf over rocks, drift wood and seaweed; I wade into the surf up to my knees; a crab pinches my foot. This fragrance stands alone among the other colognes that dare to call themselves aquatic. I know those aren't the actual notes, but this masterpiece manages to obscure it's complicated ingredient list into something simultaneously minimalist and unique. A kelp forest like almost underwater fougere influence is present but you obviously can't smell underwater unless drowning is your thing, hence the uniqueness and difficulty of describing this scent.

I love this scent because how good it fits with my skin, and i love it for the emotions it transmits. It is very hard to describe exactly how this smells. It's a complex,deep,woody,aquatic,green and unique scent. I would say rebellious dark green woody aquatic, If that makes any sense. I smell sea and sand along with some very pleasant woody and vetiver undertones. It's fantastic for work and the daily grind (and Weekends too). It turns out that it's a second batch formula version according to Cerulean's excellent review. Bottle is cool, sprayer works well and it's pretty affordable. Definitely worth the investment, especially at the prices it is going for. And to my surprise, my local perfumerie had a sealed, vintage 5.1oz. Sillage is out of this world, and the smell is exactly the same. Though I suppose I can just compare it to some kind of heavy Hokkaido sea breeze and call it a day.

Longevity - 9/10(9 hours) Silage/Projection - 8/10(nice projection for the first 2-3 hours) Weather - for more or less any time of year. Versatility- 9/10 Age - 25 Compliments - 8/10 Scent - 8/10 Main notes according to me - sea notes,sandalwood,pine, citrus notes,balsam fir,carnation,sage. This is my second review last one was three years ago just wanted to say this fragrance kind of changes with the weather if it's nice and warm out the floral notes really stand out they stand out so much you'll be attracting bees I couldn't figure out why bees was following me when I was near a garden had about 5 buzzing around me then today my girl sniffed my chest like mmm! This isn't aquatic citrus, it's exactly woody aromatic. Sillage is rather subdued, but the longevity is remarkable. One if not the most realistically oceanic scents of all time.

The drydown is nice and i get some woodiness,vetiver,cedar and musk. smells good you smell like flowers and manly lotion followed by I like this one it's a keeper Different aquatic / Fresh / Sparkling Herbal scent This is kind of different aquatic fragrance, open with strong alcohol than after 2-3 seconds fresh and sparkling herbal note appear. Very long lasting on my skin(even after hours of exercise I can smell it! There's also a wet vinyl note which is probably why I feel like I'm out on a boat when I wear this. @Hedphuq I wrote only about the three different bottles I own, I'm sure there have been more reformulations after all these years! I recently bought a bottle of current formulation and it was great as it used to be.

it is the only fragrance that i wear sometimes to get compliments from the girls even though i didn't like it. I bought it for the first time when it was introduced and to this day, I still love it. It has very nice aquatic notes that makes me and my nose very happy. This fragrance is the type that makes you pause and think, think deep, as it stimulates the mind and soul. It's so different from any other aquatic I've tried, so maybe try to get your hands on a sample first if you're just curious because you love other aquatics.

:)) i aint get used to it because of its salty plastic smell combined with some kind of nose tiring aquatic meterials,and aromatic richness .i dont know where iget or how i get this plastic effect but it is very spite of my disappointment ,i gonna keep using this stuff for a while because all the girls and women around me get crazy when they sniff me :)) In one word: Unique. The best vibe is when it's hot-summer,smells wonderful after one hour. Never thought that I would go back to this one - I used that right when it came out, had a 50 ml bottle back then in this lovely compact bottle with the relief printed cardboard box packaging - now smelling this in the current formulation some 25 years later, I am amazed what a superb and outstanding composition this is. Certainly has a strong opening, pretty woody, obviously I expected this, I guess I just didn't know what to expect, haha. Kenzo pour Homme is an early 90s gem that hasn't lost its place on the shelves.

I did a lot of tests in the past: spray and walk through, spray on wet wrists and let then dry, etc.The initial blast is strong, smelling like a cross between... At first I didn't like it at all, but after a few applications, I can totally appreciate why this is considered a classic.Now I refer to Kenzo as a "true" aquatic because most modern fragrances with the aquatic label are loaded with citrusy notes in an attempt to be as fresh-smelling as possible.Emotions - a blast from the past,rebellious,extraordinary,complex,deep dark ocean. Despite mixed reviews I don't think this baby is eccentric enough to scare too many away. I like it because it's classy yet entirely unpretentious. It's an "oh that's nice" fragrance followed by a subtle smile. I'm interested after reading your input and I agree, Kenzo Pour Homme is really interesting and has been a signature of mine for quite a while, but I suggest you to try the early 90s formula and the current one on each arm, and experience the difference! Kind regards, Cerulean @Cerulean There was at least one more reformulation. I unfortunately bought a bottle, and it was terrible. In my opinion KPH was never remarkably changed smell-wise.It was always the same great fragrance except for the one unfortunate reformulation that was corrected quickly.

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