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The boys, who were both 18 at the time, were said to have been fans of Manson. Last week, he said: 'Honestly, the Columbine era destroyed my entire career at the time.' There was no report on his condition on Saturday shortly after the accident. He had just begun climbing on to them in the middle of his performance when they began to give way and 'toppled' on top of him, witnesses said.Several people rushed on to the stage but it took a number of minutes before Manson was stretchered off stage.#honored #getwellsoon #iloveyou #1984on Barfway #spewbagsnotincluded.'The cheeky tweet came after Page Six reported that Jennifer, 26, jumped up from her seat and several people saw her being sick in the lobby during Monday night's show.Adding: 'The ushers were very helpful and courteous in helping her out.' However, following previous reports that audience members have been throwing up and/or fainting after watching gruesome torture scenes in the play, a friend told the site this was not the reason for Jennifer's illness.

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A representative for the star told Variety he was in hospital being treated for an injury but they would not say how serious his condition was.'We're not trying to be willfully assaultive or exploitatively shock people, but there's nothing here or in the disturbing novel that isn't happening right now, somewhere around the world...' began Duncan.'We can sanitize that and make people feel comforted, or we can simply present it without commentary and allow it to speak for itself.'Added Robert: '...But if this show is the most upsetting part of anyone's day, they're not reading the news headlines.The accident comes just a week after Manson said controversially that the Columbine shooting 'ruined' his career.The teenage gunmen responsible for the shooting were reported to be fans of the star.

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