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The bar's signs are easy to spot once you enter Walking Street.Link: gallery links of naked Thai girls from Pattaya, Bangkok and Phuket.A whirlpool on the side rounded by sofas and a small bar exposes naked bathing vixens in lesbian body scrub action while horny customers zip on their drinks in a not so shy manner.A small tip and the girls come to do more than just sit on you lap. Nobody will miss them when they don't participate anymore.

Stumbled upon this fine Pattaya blog the other day and liked it.

For some reason they ceased to operate their website.

That's why I moved in, but later decided to drop it again.

He is in Pattaya for a vacation and met this sexy bargirl out of a bar in Soi Diamond the other day. While going back to Walking Street his girl stopped to greet an older Thai gentlemen. This soi in North Pattaya is located between Beach Road and 2nd Road. It hosts around 40 agogo bars with Thai dancers and ladyboys.

His girl introduced him by saying 'This is my father.' My friend did not know what to say and then her father asked him for more money since he gave so much tip to his daughter, who is a known Thai pornstar. Their prime opening hours are afternoon compared to Walking Street bars that open after sunset, only.

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    These aren't cam girls or people out to make money.