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I saw the realization on Kathy’s face, she knew what was coming, and she knew why.

She was slim, kind of pretty, younger than me, and a professional stripper.

In that instant, I knew the feeling’s I had for him were reciprocated.

Steve had to travel 150 miles to work and stayed with family, or friends in the area. As I mostly keep my marital problems to myself it wasn’t until years later Steve would come to tell me he always had a bad feeling about my husband.

He knew something was not right between us and could see there was no love. During work one night he picked up Kathy, an old girlfriend from his teenage years.

Only because there wasn’t time, I wish there had been, no one had ever made me respond the way he did that night without actually having sex. We arranged to meet for breakfast/lunch the following day.

I figured I would tell him everything about my marriage then, and how scared I was of my husband. I got out of the car to say goodnight and he hugged me like he never wanted to let me go.

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