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I believe building a trusting therapeutic alliance is the key to therapeutic change.""Do you feel stuck? I see people who are exhausted from beating themselves up for their failures and shortcomings...asking themselves, "Is something wrong with me?

"...feeling flooded with thoughts about all the things they should be doing. Our minds get filled with fears, worries, concerns, and panic when going through life transitions or struggles. I have years of experience successfully treating individuals with anxiety disorders, depression, stress- and trauma-related issues.

We’ll even reimburse up to of extracurricular activities — so your kid can discover new interests while learning the value of a dollar. * is the combined reimbursement amount for a C-Note checking and savings account each calendar year.

Verification of qualifying payment is required; please bring it to any Verity Credit Union branch for reimbursement into your C-Note account.

If that describes you, you may be experiencing a lack of self-compassion.""I have been providing psychotherapy and consulting services since 1993 for adults, adolescents, children, couples, and families.

"...feeling flooded with thoughts about all the things they should be doing.As a result of my experiences and specialized training, I have learned to respect each person's innate ability to thrive and live fully.I describe my role as an experienced guide and companion for clients who want to change the patterns of their lives by re-connecting with their unique strengths.We work with children who have learning disorders (e.g., in reading, writing, or math), have ADHD, are gifted/highly capable, or are transitioning into college (e.g., accommodations for standardized testing and in class).Our practice is currently expanding to offer more therapy services for families and children.

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