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The Cuban Departure Tax equivalent to US is included in your airline ticket.

Visa and other entry and exit conditions (such as currency, customs and quarantine regulations) change regularly.

Travellers must present proof of comprehensive travel insurance in order to enter Cuba.

Travellers who plan to participate in high-risk sports or sporting competitions and travellers of 70 years of age and older are required to purchase additional insurance from Asistur, the Cuban insurance provider.

The Rolling Stones “Concert for Amity” will be filmed and produced by award winning production company JA Digital with Paul Dugdale directing and Simon Fisher and Sam Bridger as producers.

Always exploring new horizons and true pioneers of rock, the Stones, who have toured every corner of the globe, will bring their high octane performance and incredible music catalogue to the Caribbean for the first time ever.

This once-in-a-lifetime concert event follows the band’s tour, which is currently receiving rave reviews, playing to huge audiences in stadiums in Santiago, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Rio De Janeiro, São Paulo and Porto Alegre with Lima, Bogotá and Mexico City following next week.

Juan Triana Cordoví and Ricardo Torres Pérez note that “most growth in developing countries in the last 50 years has been the exact opposite, spurred by a growing youth population and workforce.

Together, these elements coupled with the current economic model make setting Cuba on a sustainable long-term growth path an immense challenge.” The high homeownership rate on the island is supported by President Raúl Castro’s economic reform agenda, which attempts to “preserve socialism while introducing new forms of market-based mechanisms,” writes Ted Piccone.

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