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Once Melvin gets permission from his mother, Rose, he becomes the bass singer for the Siberians.

The story begins in 1958 when Otis Williams, a black teenager living in Detroit, Michigan, is running to meet his friend Elbridge "Al" Bryant at a musical performance by The Cadillacs, where Otis and the singer lock eyes, which he credits as the moment he devoted his life to music.

Eddie and Paul prove to be valuable members; Paul teaches them how to dance and becomes their unofficial choreographer, while Eddie becomes their falsetto singer.

In March 1961, The Elgins go to Motown's Hitsville USA in hopes of a record deal, which Berry Gordy offers - with the stipulation that they come up with a better group name while they wait for an audition.

The group starts to doubt their talents, while Al starts to lose his passion for singing, becoming more negative and volatile.

This comes to a head during the 1964 Motown New Year's party, where Al and Paul get into a fight backstage after a performance.

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